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Q1.  Am I limited to only 3 photos?  Can I submit more?
A1.  No more than 3 photos can be submitted.  Choose your favorites!

Q2.  Do I have to submit 3 photos?
A1.  No.  You may submit 1, 2 or 3 photos but no more than 3.

Q3.  Do photos have to be taken on UNC Study Abroad trips?
A3.  Not at all. There is no requirement or limitation on where or when the photo was taken.  Alumni could even submit photos taken 20 years ago!

Q4.  I am technically not a UNC student but I am enrolled in a collaborative program between Duke and UNC.  Am I eligible to submit?
A4. Yes!

Q5.  I would like to submit a photo taken in the U.S. that has an international dimension. Is that allowable?
A5. Yes!

Q6. When will winners be notified?
A6. Winners will be notified by email in November.

Q7. Do I retain copyright of my photo?
A7. Yes! But by submitting your photo to the contest, you provide permission for UNC to use your photos for marketing and advertising purposes for both print and digital media.

Q8. How might UNC use my photos?
A8. We love to promote the global experiences of our UNC students, faculty and staff. In the past, photos have been used on various UNC websites, printed in UNC publications such as Endeavors magazine and the Alumni Review and used in promotional materials such as brochures and annual reports. In addition. the Center for Global Initiatives produces an annual calendar highlighting photos and stories submitted as part of the competition.

Q9. When can I see the exhibit?
A9. Photos will be exhibited in the Fedex Global Education Center from January 2020 through July 2020. Check the UNC Global website for building hours.

Q10. What prizes will be awarded?
A10. The first prize winner will be awarded a GoPro! Second and third place winners will receive gift certificates to local (Chapel Hill) restaurants.  All winners, including thematic and FedEx Global Education Center spotlights, will receive a Winner’s Certificate and a 20×30 photo print.

Q11. Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
A11. Contact Ingrid Smith, manager of global events and exhibitions, at